Like many lean and highly specialised companies, Kobolde is by virtue of its size and focus on research and development, continuously evolving and always an agile and flexible partner. Our method involves working with the client company, identifying aspects of production which can be improved upon, using the specialised skills, tools and methodologies developed by Kobolde.

Technology removes distances

Headquartered in what was once a brewery in the picturesque South part of Stockholm, Kobolde supports its customers throughout the world using cloud-based technologies combined with on-site visits and local partners.

Each member of Kobolde has a solid engineering background in either Metallurgy, Physics, Chemistry or Computer Science, all to an MSc or PhD level.

Based on research – focussed on production

Kobolde, founded in 1982, is a spin-off company from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm. The mission from the very beginning has been to adapt research results from academia to industrial applications. The relationship has been long-lasting precisely because it is so highly symbiotic and beneficial to all parties involved. Several members of Kobolde teach at KTH and our systems are used throughout the MSc-programmes. Furthermore Kobolde and KTH often participate in research projects with other research institutes and companies in Sweden and the European Union.


Rutger Gyllenram,
Founder & CEO

Rutger holds an MSc in Process Metallurgy and Materials Science and a Dr.Eng. (Lic Tech) in Metal Production Technology from KTH, Stockholm. Apart from a period as researcher at KTH, Rutger has been an entrepreneur, working with software development and sustainability issues for the steel industry his entire career. He is the CEO and responsible for the steel and metal industry market.

Björn Avenberg, CTO

Björn holds an MSc in Computer Science from Luleå Technical University, LTU, Luleå. After a spell at the MEFOS research institute, Björn is now the head of software technology development at Kobolde.

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.