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Carbon Capture in the Steel Industry: Opportunities and Challenges

Envisaging the decarbonized ironmaking landscape of 2050

Raw Material Optimization


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[Sears 2023] CCS is a logical option to meet near zero in the steel 
industry (CCW)

[Sear 2023] This may hurt a bit interview with Rutger (GSW sept 2023)

[Moggridge 2023] Playing the game, STI March

[Moggridge 2022] In conversation with Rutger Gyllenram, STI NovDec 2022

Popular articles

[Gyllenram et al 2023] FerroSilva – combining iron production with a carbon sink (STI 2023)

[Gyllenram et al 2023] FerroSilva – Creating a new industrial eco-system (GSW 2023)

[Gyllenram 2023] A Steelmaking Carol STI (STI 2023)

[Gyllenram 2023] The grand quest for green steel (GSW 2023)

[Gyllenram 2023] Local production of strategic goods (STI 2023)

[Gyllenram 2022] Avoiding a bears service to the climate (STI 2022)

[Gyllenram 2021] Between a pony and a pink unicorn (STI 2021).

[Gyllenram 2022] Betting on a winning horse (STI 2022)

Scientific articles and conference contributions

[Nurdiawati et al 2023] Towards fossil-free steel – Life cycle assessment of biosyngas-based direct reduced iron (DRI) production process (Journal of Cleaner Production 2023)

Zaini et al 2023] Decarbonising the iron and steel industries: Production of carbon-negative direct reduced iron by using biosyngas (Energy Conversion and Management 2023)

[Wei et al 2023] Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of High-Carbon Ferrochrome Production (JOM 2023)

[Wei et al 2021] Prediction of nitrogen behaviour in the AOD process by a time-dependent thermodynamic model ( Iron&Steelmaking 2021)

[Gyllenram 2021] Driving investments in ore beneficiation and scrap upgrading to meet an increased demand from the direct reduction-EAF route (Mineral Economics 2021).

[Arzpeyma et al 2020] Development of a mass and energy balance model and its application for HBI charged EAFs (Metals 2021).

[Arzpeyma et al 2020] Model development to study uncertainties in EAF plants to Improve their economic and environmental performance (Metals 2020)

[Wei et al 2020] Energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of nickel products (Energies 2020)

[Wei et al 2020] Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions During Ferromolybdenum Production (Sustainable metallurgy 2020)

[Gyllenram et al 2019] The important role of the Gulf region in abating global GHG-emissions and securing sourcing of metallics (IMAT 2019)

[Wei et al 2018] Assessment of scrap-based production for low phosphorus stainless steel (CSSS 2018)

[Gyllenram et al 2016] Use of metallics in EAF Steelmaking (American Metal Markets 2016)

[Gyllenram et al 2016] The impact of scrap upgrading on EAF production cost and environmental performance (STAHL UND EISEN 2016)

[Gyllenram et al 2015] Raw material assessment for electric arc furnace steelmaking (ICS2015China)

[Gyllenram et al 2015] Classification of DRI and HBI based on the performance in the EAF a help for steelmaker’s procurement of metallics (METEC ESTAD 2015)

[Gyllenram 2015] Making Sustainability Activities a Key to your sucess-from compliance to commitment (Nordic Steel Construction Conference 2015)

[Westerberg et al 2014] Improving steel quality and decreasing produciton cost and carbon footprint through raw material management (IFC 2014)

[Gyllenram et al 2012] Lubricating the recycling machine (Revue de Metallurgie)

[Ternstedt et al 2011] Using an AOD simulator workbench to support process control development (METEC ESTAD 2011)

[Gyllenram et al 2011] Taking in house and upstream CO2 emission into account in charge optimization for scrap based steelmaking (METEC 2011)

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.