What can we do for you?

Over the previous pages we have highlighted the value of improving raw material management by employing various models and how committed and passionate we at Kobolde are about the potential and value of this work. It is our wish and aim to enable our clients to increase profits whilst also decreasing the environmental impact of their steel and metals operations by benefitting from our large source of accumulated competence.

What we do

Insight and tools

Raw material optimization and management are about insights as well as tools. We perform pre-studies to assess the economic potential and viability of a project, identify potential areas of improvement and propose a development path. RAWMATMIX® is one of the products developed by Kobolde and is a cloud-based service for raw material optimisation dealing with metallurgical concepts like tramp elements, alloy recovery, slag properties and equilibria, dust generation, hot heel, slag carry over and more. RAWMATMIX® is used for burden calculations, recipe management, value-in-use calculations and finally as a tool for establishing a raw material strategy/practice.

Sustainable performance

Benchmarking Product Sustainability Performance has become increasingly important in recent years. The building sector is an industry where competition between materials such as steel, other metals, concrete and wood is especially keen, making it important for you to keep track of the environmental impact of your product. Today the focus is on Global Warming measured by Carbon Footprint but other factors may be become more prominent in the near future. Kobolde takes an active part in the international standardization efforts in all of these areas. RAWMATMIX® offers a carbon footprint feature enabling you to gauge your performance as well as that of your suppliers.

Support beyond raw material management

Plant Informatics Services are production oriented support and products that go beyond raw material management.

Examples are:

  • Online process calculation systems
  • Process visualisation
  • Maintenance management
  • On line operator logbooks
  • Quality document management
  • Development support

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.