Decarbonising the steel industry involves both incremental improvements of existing facilities and replacing old production facilities with new ones, based on other principles. It may involve creating new supply chains and offer opportunities to new players on the market.

Whatever your plan is, raw material properties and production economy is involved. At Kobolde we are determined to be a part of the solution with our insights in process metallurgy and how to optimise production, whether it is using scrap in the best way in a foundry or steel plant, or creating the necessary knowledge foundation for investing in raw material beneficiation or even a completely new supply chain for iron and steel raw materials.

Our opinion is that the winner in year 2050 among the mining companies will be the best supplier of high grade pellets and DRI. As explained in this film:


Presentation at Fastmarkets Global Iron Ore 2021

With our tools RAWMATMIX® and RAWMATSTAT™ we can in short time create an overview of the consequences of different alternatives and support complex management decisions.

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