Our Vision

The steel and foundry industries are meeting increasing challenges. Globalization and the spreading of technology puts increased demands on the competitiveness of your operations, environmental concerns are introducing new requirements on reporting and long term improvements and price pressure makes the overall productivity a concern.

But at the same time new technology offer new opportunities. Opportunities to develop new and improved products, opportunities to improve the yield in your production and opportunities for a better utilization of available resources.

For this challenging environment Kobolde & Partners has formulated a vision for how we hope to be part of turning the challenges into opportunities. It reads:

Kobolde & Partners is the leading force for change when the steel and foundry industries evolve from their traditional crafts approach into a more cost effective and sustainable industrial activity within our chosen strategic segments.

This vision translates into three focus areas in which Kobolde & Partners are active:

  • With our software we give our customers improved ability to handle the complex processes that are part of their daily operations. This builds on the latest research in the field which we can make available to our clients thanks to our close cooperation with universities, especially the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.
  • Our chosen distribution method, using web browser based access, is cost effective and enables different stakeholders to share a common pool of resources. By being able to access the same information productivity is raised and informed decisions can be made with all aspects of the issue taken into account.
  • Environmental aspects of industrial production, especially carbon footprint, are becoming increasingly important. Through our involvement in industrial organizations and standardization bodies we are able to help our customers keep track of the environmental impact of their products and production processes.

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.