Aside from our main product Rawmatmix we have through the years developed several products that have remained the property of Kobolde and that are offered to the market as a complement to our other offerings. These  typically have a more limited applicability and therefore do not merit a longer presentation. However, a short description of some of these systems are give below.

Technical Calculations on the Net, a knowledge hub for the community of metallurgists, was Kobolde & Partners first
venture into web based knowledge systems. Subsequent developments like RAWMATMIX® has
benefited greatly from the experience gained in the early days.

The site gives access to metallurgic calculation programs and models focusing on Blast Furnace technology. It is available to students, teachers, researchers,
engineers and control room operators who can use the site as an information source free of charge.

Web Based Document Management System

Through our work with customers in the steel and foundry industries we identified a need for a web
based repository for process documentation. These documents are used to manage the companies’
quality system and enable secure tracking of changes. Requirements are therefore high on version
handling and control of access rights. The system is an easy to use but competent document
management system meeting the requirements of small to medium size businesses.

Web Based Alarm and Event Repository

Again, based on experience from working with customers in the steel and foundry industries the
need for a web based event tracking tool was identified. It was common among customers to use a
set of Excel sheets where multiple persons made constant updates, leading to frequent mistakes in
version handling and simultaneous access to the same files. By moving this function onto a web based
platform customer companies can now easily access data simultaneously from different functions
within the company and share important event data among each other.

Process Follow-up System for Blast Furnaces

Process systems for blast furnaces must not only handle large amounts of data, but must also put this
data to use. Measurements of pressure, temperature, material flow, chemical analyses and hundreds of
other variables must be made available for technical calculations and presented in an easy-to-interpret

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.