Raw Material Optimization for Scrap Based Steel Works and Foundries

Knowing how to blend raw materials for producing the various qualities required has been an age-old
skill among iron and steel professionals. However, increased demands on the quality and cost of the
end product mean that we are approaching the limit for what a human brain can do without the help of
an advanced calculation tool.

RAWMATMIX® has been developed in close cooperation with several foundries and steel works to
offer calculation support that not only takes into account the analysis boundaries of the target product
and cost of materials but that also offers a metallurgical model that takes into account the reactions
that will occur during the melting process.

The system is offered as an online service over the Internet which means that the customer will
always have the latest version of the software and common data available. It also allows for superior
maintenance and support towards our customers.

Rawmatmix is available with user interface in multiple languages, including Chinese and Arabic.

Login to Rawmatmix here.

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