Kobolde develops systems to support decision making in industry. Systems that support control room
operators, R&D-teams, engineers and sales personnel are some examples. Our mission is to distribute
professional tools in a way that promotes collaboration over all kinds of borders.

Turn-key system development can by its very nature vary a lot in scope and content. Some features
that keep reoccurring in the systems that Kobolde & Partners develop for its customers include
security functions for selective access of users to different parts of the system, database storage of
large amounts of complex data and accessible presentation of such data.

Today we develop our systems in Java under UNIX using Oracle as our main database platform but
we still maintain systems using other technologies.

Clients include LKAB, the Swedish Navy, a leading stainless steelmaker and suppliers to the steel industry.

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.