Kobolde Products

With more than 20 years experience from working with customers in industry we have identified gaps
in the market where our web based system solutions can fill a real need. This has resulted in a set
of products that Kobolde offers on the market. Even if these systems have not been developed for a
specific customer we still stay true to our ideals and listen closely to the feedback that our users give,
thus ensuring functionality well adapted to the needs of industry.

Kobolde software products include the raw material optimization system RAWMATMIX®, the AOD simulation tool TimeAOD2, the blast furnace monitoring system Masmester, the blast furnace process calculation system blastfurnace.net, the quality documentation management system Docsys and the log management system Logsys.

Enhancing the raw material assessment tool RAWMATMIX® for EU users done with support from.